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Adomako poised to snatch Okaikoi South Seat for NDC with vision of Youth empowerment



The Parliamentary Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Okaikoi South Constituency in the Great Accra region Mr Enerst Adomako is confident of winning the seat from the New Patriotic Party (NPP)for his party.
He disagree with the notion that the Okaikoi South Constituency is “a no go area” for the NDC.
Mr. Adomako said he would mobilize the core NDC caucus in the constituency, woo both floating voters and New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizers in order to wrestle the seat for the NDC and halt the 28 years of NPP stranglehold on the constituency.
The NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Okaikoi South opined that because of NPP’s dominance of the constituency they have neglected the pro-poor and infrastructure needs of the residents of constituency.
As a result, Mr. Adomako said the roads and some schools in the constituency are in bad condition.
He mentioned that he had to renovate two cluster of schools in the Kaneshie enclave which were not fit for purpose and did not support teaching and learning.
He bemoaned the high rate of youth unemployment in the constituency, saying when he becomes the Member of Parliament after the 2024 parliamentary elections, youth empowerment in terms skills training in the area of making of pastries, phone repairs and lobbying of relevant state agencies to renovate roads and hospitals will be his focus.
According to him, a number of youth in the area had already undertake training in the making of pastries and phone repairs.
Students who are interested in going back to technical school, he explained, would be supported to pursue courses in electrical engineering and other relevant academic courses.
He advised the youth to focus on their education, stay focus and desist from doing things that would destroy their lives.
Mr Adomako urged the youth in the constituency to take advantage  of the  impending free skills training programme sponsored by him to empower themselves.
The Parliamentary Candidate of NDC for Okaikoi South Constituency lauded John Mahama’s 24 hour economy initiative, saying it is a fantastic idea and  would employ a lot of unemployed youth in the country and improve the economy.


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