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Accra-London by road: Cars used for expedition being shipped back to Ghana



The cars the travelers used for the expedition included two land cruisers, a Raptor, a Defender, a G63, and an RX350.

A few days ago, news flooded social media that some Ghanaians have decided to embark on a trip from Accra to London by road, using some cars as their means of transport.

According to reports, the trip was made up of 13 participants and these people left Ghanaians to contemplate whether they will be able to embark on such an expedition or not.

After 16 days of being on the road, the participants successfully reached London, and many Ghanaians applauded them for earning Ghana some international recognition.

In a post shared by Wanderlust Ghana, the group they are known to belong to on Facebook, the cars used to embark on the trip were being packed into containers, ready to be shipped to Ghana.

This also implies that the travelers will be returning to Ghana soon.

The post was captioned: “Well done guys, now let’s go home. #AccratoLondonoverroad, #thejourneyisthedestination, #timetoeatfufuo.”

Check out the post below:



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