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A religious ‘prostitute’ cannot be our president – Sam George ‘descends’ on Bawumia



According to him, the vice president appears to profess both the Christian and the Muslim faiths at the same time, as he is often seen both in churches and mosques for political reasons.

Such a person, he said, cannot become the president of Ghana

Speaking on Metro TV, the MP described Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia as a Muslim by day and Christian by night.

“The best description you can give him is that, he is a Muslim by day and a Christian by night, a religious prostitute cannot be our president,” he said.

Explaining further, Sam George referenced instances when the Vice President, Dr Bawumia, remained silent on issues that were most important to Muslims, such as the Hijab controversy and the killings of Muslim youth in Kumasi.

To him, no true Muslim will also publicly proclaim Jesus as Lord and saviour or kneel before men of God for prayers.

These acts, Sam George said, do not describe a true Muslim as Dr Bawumia professes to be.

“We will take our time and scrutinise Bawumia for who he is. I will take him on on his so-called digitisation drive. We are talking about a man who you cannot vouch for. Do you know whether he is a Muslim?

“When the issue of the Hijabs came up in this country for Muslim girls, did you ever hear Dr Bawumia speak? When the issue of fasting for girls came up during Ramadan, he was silent. When the Muslim Zongo youth were killed in cold blood in Kumasi, Dr Bawumia was silent.

“No true Muslim anywhere in this world believes that Jesus Christ is our lord and saviour. No true Muslim kneels before a Catholic priest or a pastor to lay hands on them – only Bawumia. If you like, you can take the Suraj Mariama that talks about who Jesus is. They do not see Jesus Christ as their lord and personal saviour as we do,” he added.

He continued that “Bawumia goes to a church, claiming that Jesus Christ is our Lord and personal saviour. He is not a proper Muslim.”


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