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A good erection doesn’t mean you are fertile – Gynaecologist



A gynaecologist Dr. Edem Hiadzi has stated that a man’s ability to have a good erection does not mean he will be able to impregnate a woman.

According to him, most men cannot impregnate women because they produce seminal fluid which has no sperm.

Dr. Edem Hiadz, who is the CEO and Medical Director of Lister Hospital, made the statement during an interview with Accra-based Joy FM.

He said the ability of a man to impregnate a woman is completely dependent on the quality of his sperm.

“Many people produce seminal fluid which has no sperm at all [and therefore cannot fertilise the egg of a woman],” the gynaecologist stated.

He explained that women are not always to blame when it comes to infertility issues, adding that the physiology of the man plays a big part in whether or not he can make his wife pregnant.

“Since creation, the onus has always been on the woman to prove the fertility of the couple.”

“… the quality of the sperm provided, the volume, the density, the number of sperms in it, their speed, the direction of their movement, the shape of the sperm…are all attributes of the sperm that are required to be optimum for you to be able to fertilize the female egg,” Dr. Edem Hiadz said.

He was, however, quick to add that in some cases the man can have very low sperm count but still impregnate a very fertile woman.

The fertility specialist also advised couples against delaying pregnancy until a later time. According to him, delaying pregnancy can reduce the chances of the couple conceiving a child.

“Eggs are not available throughout the lifetime of a woman,” he said, adding that the best time to have children “is between the ages of 18 to 34.”



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