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6 main reasons why most Christian ladies don’t get good husband



1. They have less options to chose because they don’t dare to date.

2.They have a wrong perception of people and built unrealistic standards that even saint can’t keep.

There are no saints on earth but human beings with weaknesses. Even angles change when they assume human flesh.

3.The world is now a $exual world, most guys don’t take those who refuse premarital $ex. Good girls are not taken serious.

4. They give up in relationship after heart break and refuse to try again while time kicks. Those who give up at the slightest provocation are always failures.

4. They are mostly immature in approach to relationship because of lack of experience.

5. They build an exclusive world and hid themselves in a cocoon without relating with others. They end up being isolated and even their good qualities unknown.

6. Because they want unrealistic dreams those that come to them are experts in deception and play boys that drive them to withdrawal because of constant heart breaks. Marriage is for weak people not holy people.

6.Their standard for marriage is what the pastor or imam says, most waste their time with pastor’s getting what does not belong to them. They will end up not meeting up after wasting a large part of their life pursuing opportunist claiming to be men of God

Don’t be too good, don’t be too bad be holy and emotional. You can’t have your light shine when you hide it, people must know your good qualities before they chose you for a wife. Let your virtue shine out




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