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5 ways to make a man miss you when you are not around



When you’re in a relationship, there are times you need to make your partner miss you.

That alone will spice your relationship and make it more romantic.

In a relationship, you can’t be available all the time, do everything together, and see each other all the time. If your partner doesn’t show that they miss you, just know your relationship isn’t blissful enough.

As a woman, there are ways you can make your man miss you when you’re not around. If your man doesn’t show that he misses you, you haven’t taken full control of his heart.

When your man misses you, it shows you’re special, and without you, he’s not complete.
Below are 5 ways to make a man miss you when you’re not around.

1. Always be the first person to hang up when he calls.

As a woman, if you want your man to miss you when you’re not around, you need to sometimes act like you don’t care.

Whenever your man calls you, you should always make sure you’re the first person to hang up. Be the first person to say good night or goodbye. Let him know you’re not dying to talk to him and make sure you don’t go into deep conversation.

When you hang up first, it shows you have not yet fallen for his trap and he will feel that he needs to work more on getting you to fall deeply for him.

This will also get him confused and wishes to know you more. But if the case is different, your man can never get to miss you.

2. Don’t give everything away.

When you’re with your man, you don’t have to tell him everything.

Just because you’re getting along and everything seems to be going well, that doesn’t mean you have to be open with everything.

You have to be full of surprises. Men like to be surprised. That is what will keep your man interested in you.

When your man knows about everything, there will be no room for further conversation. Instead of telling him everything, let him try to figure you out, that is how to make him miss you.

3. Use social media as your weapon.

Your man will be stalking you online and following your status, you have to use that to your advantage.

Have fun, post lovely pictures and let him see you’re doing fine without him.

The more he sees lovely pictures of you, the more he misses you and thinks of being with you.
4. Get busy once in a while.

Don’t be too available, try to be busy at times.

5. Have a nice time without him.



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