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5 subtle signs that show your partner is pretending to love you



It’s a question that can leave you feeling confused, hurt, and unsure about the authenticity of your relationship, especially when you start getting that gut feeling that they are cheating on you or they probably don’t love you anymore but can’t come plain.

This scepticism may have sparked your interest in this article because you’re wondering if your suspicions are valid or if you’re simply overthinking things.

Be rest assured that this piece will clear your doubts and provide you with insights into the subtle signs that may indicate your partner is pretending to love you. Here are five subtle signs that your partner may not love you as much you think:

1. Their words and actions don’t match

Words can be deceptive. I mean, anyone can say “I love you,” but it’s the actions that truly reveal the sincerity of those words.

Does your partner consistently show affection, support, and care? Or do their actions paint a different picture? Actions like cancelling plans, ignoring your needs, or consistently prioritising their own interests over yours might be red flags worth looking into. Pay attention to these red flags.

When it comes to consistency, they should be following through. Their actions should align with their words. If you find that they often change what they say and talk in confusing ways, then it’s a clear sign that you have a pretender on your hands.

Trust your instincts and don’t ignore the signs.

2. They avoid communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship. You can’t possibly stay away from the person you claim to love for days and weeks on end. If you voice your concerns and they consistently play the busy card, know that their love may be doubtful.

When you’ve tried and failed repeatedly to get them to have serious and honest conversations, it’s time to call a red flag exactly what it is. You should know that genuine love thrives on transparent, respectful, and sincere communication.

A lack of transparency in a relationship could suggest that your partner is not as invested in the relationship as they claim to be. It may be time to confront the truth.

3. They are selfish

While relationships require compromise and selflessness, a partner pretending to love you might display a disturbing level of self-centeredness. So, watch out.

If your partner constantly puts their own desires and needs before yours without considering your feelings, they do not love you. A relationship built on love requires a balance of give and take, not just take.

4. They are unnecessarily jealous

This usually starts off as cute until it becomes unnecessarily obsessive and possessive. While jealousy can be a normal human emotion, excessive and irrational jealousy is a sure sign of a toxic partner pretending to love you.

If they isolate you from your friends and family, and constantly monitor your every move, it’s high time to face the reality of the situation. Love should encourage trust, not breed insecurity.

5. They are never consistent

Inconsistency is the worst! One day they’re sweet and loving, and the next day they’re angry and hateful. Their inconsistent behaviour can be incredibly confusing but you sit there and take it.

If your partner’s affection for you fluctuates like NEPA, it’s definitely time to call it quits. Genuine love remains steady and constant, even during challenging times.

Look for patterns in their behaviour. Do they shower you with affection only when they want something and then immediately switch up once they’ve gotten it?

Watch out.



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