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How Ghanaian parents abroad dicourage their daughters from marrying men without residence permit



A Ghanaian based in the UK, Richard Brakatu, has disclosed that the majority of Ghanaian parents in the UK especially discourage their daughters from marrying a man without a residence permit.

Speaking on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ Richard revealed that the first question their parents ask is if they have the permit. According to Richard, such people are disrespected, however, some parents prevent it because of past experiences.

“Just because they have the permit, they disrespect the others. They treat you as if you are not sensible. For the parents, that is the first thing they ask their daughters after they meet you.

They do that because they have experienced it before. Some act humble when they need the permit, so immediately they get it, their attitudes change. Others genuinely want a relationship, but they don’t get that,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Richard added that he would prefer to marry a Ghanaian abroad than a Ghanaian living in Ghana.

He also spoke about the job opportunities available in the UK. According to him, most people left the UK due to the pandemic.

Source: SVTV Africa
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