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300 Level FUTA allegedly student commit suicide



Police for Ondo State, Northwest Nigeria say, investigation dey go on as dem dey try to unravel why 300 Level student of Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) allegedly commit suicide over di weekend.

Police tok-tok pesin for di state, Funmilayo Odunlami wey confam di incident say dem already deposit di deadi body for mortuary and investigation dey go on.

“Im body dey morgue and investigation don start to unravel di reasons behind im action, but na a case of suicide,” Police tok.

Students of di Federal University of Technology, Akure wake up on Saturday morning to di news say 300 Level Industrial Design student, Joseph Oluwapelumi Olona allegedly kill imsef.

Tori be say dem find Oluwapelumi deadibody for im off-campus house for Aule area of Akure, Ondo State, Southwest Nigeria.

Why di FUTA student kill imsef?

Wen di tori of Oluwapelumi suicide tori break on Saturday, questions wey pipo begin ask na why im kill imsef?

Di Nigeria Police as dem dey cari out dia investigation find out say di deceased drop suicide note.

Tori be say Joseph na di Financial Secretary of im department. And im also get clothing brand ‘Tart Angles.

Close friend and neigbour of di deceased Enoch Omoniyi tell BBC Pidgin say dia friendship tight well well and di late Joseph be like im broda and im dey very sad to continue to tokabout di mata.

Meanwhile Enoch Omoniyi don explain wetin happun earlier to di Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ FUTA) for di University.

Im tell dem say di late Joseph wey be Financial Secretary for im Depertment bin dey dey under financial pressure.

“Wen school resume for di 2021/2022 session, di Treasurer of di department bin no dey around to receive payment for dues. Joseph decide to collect di payments from students.

“Di President ask Joseph to send One hundred thousand naira (₦100,000) to am for one departmental project.

Joseph send di money wit im digital bank — Carbon. Dem debit am but di President say im no receive di payment.

“Im send plenti mails to di bank but dem no resolve di issue. Sake of dat, im bin dey under serious pressure and evribody stay away from am.

“Im neva attend lectures since we come back from di Christmas break sake of di pressure.” Enoch tok

Enoch add say na wen im go to collect im phone from Joseph, na im Joseph tell am say im Head of Department (HOD) call im papa to tell am say im dey engaged in fraud.

“Yesterday (Friday) morning, I go to collect my phone from Joseph sake of say im phone no good and two of us dey share my phone. Im tell me say im HOD don tell im papa say in dey engaged in fraud. Di tin worry am well well .

Enoch explain say di deceased beg am to follow am go di Students’ Union Building (SUB) wia im office dey sake of say im no want to stay alone.

“I leave am for di office to attend di homecoming event wey happun for T.I Francis auditorium and also watch di Awopegba match.

Wen I go back to di office, im don already lock di office door. Im come back to give me di keys con comot.

Wen I reach house , I force am to eat. Around 7:40pm , I knock im door but im no open. I comot thinking say im still dey vex for me say I leave am for office.

Around 8:30pm, I knock again but no answer. Around 10:01pm, I try again but no answer I come go sleep.

Enoch wey be im neigbour say a on Saturdy morning wen im go knock again and no answer, im come go check the house from di window na wen im see am dey hang from di ceiling.

“Dis morning, I go knock around 8am but no answer. I com go check from im window na wen I see am dey hang from di ceiling.” Im tok.

‘We no put am under any pressure’

President of di Departmental Association, Oladotun Owomoyela tell BBC Pidgin im own side of di tori.

Im tok say di Departmental Association and di Department of Industrial Design no put di late Joseph Oluwapelumi Olona under any kind of pressure to refurn di department money.

Im narrate to BBC Pidgin say di money na 150,000 naira wey im collect from di 100 Level students wey dem bin wan use do “desk for di freshers”.

“Na two of us dey in charge of collecting di Association money sake of say di main association account get issue from di former Exco we neva fit ratify di account, so na two of us dey collect di money becos I resume one day before im resume, so wen im resume I allow am to continue to collect di money sake of say na im work.

“I tell am say make we put di money for one account until we rectify di main association account.

“E be like say im loss money, becos we find out say di payment wey im say im do wit Carbon na lie, and di year one students don resume we need to provide di desks for dem.

“As we no fit do di project, afta two Exco meetings we decide to return di money back to di students and im promise us say im go pay back di money,” e tok.

‘I shock to hear say e kill imsef’

Oladotun Owomoyela say evri tin wey happun na before Asuu strike – so im no understand why di tin affect di deceased now.

“All dis happun befor ASUU strike we last for 8 months,” e tok.

President of di Departmental Association add say, “As we return from strike im no bring back any money even as we decide say make im bring wetin im get we go support am to complete di money.

“Even our HOD and all di Excos attend di meeting wia im sign say im go pay di money small-small in three installments.

“Im number no dey connect since, even im papa number wey dey for Department no dey connect, we no fit reach am , we no even dey see am again.

“Na pesin wey we no dey see or hear from we go put under pressure?

“We no put am under any pressure, we even try settle di mata for Department make e no reach student affairs just to protect im image.

“I shock as I hear say im kill imsef, e be like dream to me sake of say di money no reach for am to take im life. Na beta pesin wey dey cool headed always quiet.” im explain.

Joseph Oluwapelumi dey very creative.

President of di Student Union Goment (SUG) Jesunifemi Tenten Asoore tell BBC Pidgin say im know about evri tin wey dey happun for di University community and di student wey kill imsef na big loss to di school.

“I dey aware of evri tin wey dey happun for our University Community, e dey sad and di University dey mourn, and I go beg di general public to respect say we dey mourn.

“We dey happy say despite evri tin wey happun di University Community still dey at peace and we dey try uphold am.

“Our students don stay 8 months for house witout academic activities sake of Asuu strike and we no wan lose more time.

“For di student wey comit suicide wey neva still confam di real reason wey make am kill imsef. We dey do our own investigation and we dey work hand-in-hand wit di Ondo State Police Command and we go bring out official statement soon. ” in tok

Di SUG President describe di late Joseph Oluwapelumi as pesin wey dey very creative.

Im narrate say im sabi am in pesin and na a big loss to di school.

“I sabi am in pesin and im dey very creative, im dey draw, im get im own clorhing brand, im dey very creative”

Suicide cases for Nigeria

Di cases of suicide for Nigeria, especially wit young pipo just dey increase anyhow.

Di trending way wey pipo dey use kill dia sef dis day na no use rats and insecticide chemical or poison.

Some pipo go jump inside di Lagos lagoon for di Nigeria commercial capital.

Dis January 2023, one man wey dey 50 years Ojo Ogundeji, allegedly commit suicide, afta im set imsef ablaze for im papa house for Ondo West Local Council, Ondo state.

Di man wey bin dey live for Lagos travel go vilage for Christmas celebration na for hospital im die.

Last year for November 2022, one 23-year-old lady, Motunrayo Balogun, try to kill herself wen she drink pesticide, sake of say her boyfrind allegedly end dia relationship.

Na for her house for Ijapo Estate axis for Akure South Local Government Area of the state wia her mama see her unconscious. Dem revive her for hopital.

For Jos, Plateau State, one 25-year-old man, Bulus Asuma, kill imsef sake of say im loss two tricycles wey im employers get to thieves, last October.

Same October 2022 one viral video capture one man wey jump into river for Lagos State sake of dem accuse am of stealing.




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