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123-year-old says she is still a virgin and optimistic about getting a man



Growing up in Rwanda, Theresie Nyirakajumba’s culture did not allow girls to associate with boys. In other words, it was taboo for a girl to be found together with a man. Owing to this, she never developed any feelings for men and even when she was mature enough to get married, she declined men who approached her.

Nyirakajumba’s parents and friends encouraged her to get married but she insisted that she wasn’t ready. “I didn’t want to engage with men. I had a strong fear for men and that prevented me from any potential relationship throughout my youth,” Nyirakajumba said to Afrimax in an interview. “I would see men coming to my hometown but I never developed love for someone.”

Today, at 123 years old and still a virgin, Nyirakajumba said she is ready to find love. She had enjoyed life without a companion until recently when she started searching for a man but her old age wouldn’t permit her. Men in her community are not attracted to her because of her age.

“In all my life, I never had a husband. I’m 123 years old. It is true that I am a virgin at my age. If I had had a husband, maybe I would have some children but I don’t have any,” said the Rwandan woman who lives all alone in a house that may collapse soon.

She often struggles to eat due to her old age and being poor and living alone. But before she passes away, she is hopeful of finding Mr Right. “If a man shows up I’ll be willing to entertain the options,” said Nyirakajumba.

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