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11-year-old ‘ghetto’ boy spotted smoking weed with ‘aunty’



In the video, the lady in dreadlocks who identified herself as Mama Evelyn had beside her, the little boy at a ghetto near a beach.

She captured the little boy who identified himself as Joseph, smoking a roll of weed which she also took intermittently to smoke.

In her interactions with the little boy, he indicated that his mother was deceased and his father lived away from him. He has had to grow up, hiring horses of some other men who decided to help him and the money he gets from this is what he uses to cater for himself.

In the process he says, he picked up the habit of smoking from some friends at Bortianor.

While recording the video, Mama Eveyln indicated that she wanted Ghanaians to see the little boy’s situation and come to his aid.

She however expressed displeasure over what she says were previous attempts by some unknown persons to arrest her and beat her up after she captured the stories of some other children in the ghetto.

This was the conversation she had with the little boy as transcribed from the video:

I’ve told the internet I have a little boy here so I’m exposing you. We are ghetto people, don’t be scared of anything. We want them to know how we are suffering in the ghetto while they sit out there and enjoy in comfort and luxury. How that we wake up and we don’t have anything to eat, and we are compelled to go and get some weed to smoke.

Mama Evelyn

Why do you smoke?

Boy: Nothing

Mama Evelyn: Where did you learn it from?

Boy: Bortianor

Mama Evelyn: Where is your mother?

Boy: She’s dead

Mama Evelyn: And your father?

Boy: He’s at Nyanyanor

Mama Evelyn: So who are you here with?

Boy: Those who hire horses by the beach.

Mama Evelyn: We are by the beach, so when you come, you hire and then pay. Everyone must come and party with me here. I’m about to party here. If they take 10 cedis, I take 30, but I’ll take 20 so I can buy some weed and smoke with my kids.
Mama Evelyn: So do you take the horses for hiring too?

Boy: Yes, I do then I use the money I get to take care of myself
Mama Evelyn: You take care of yourself at age 11?

Mama Evelyn: Ghanaians, come and take care of my child for me, when I wake up, I have to cook and bring him some because I can’t just come and record him without helping him. How is it that an 11-year-old is taking care of himself? And when I record all these then you arrest me and beat me up?

Watch the video below:



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