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Ypee reveals why he left Legon after a month



In a recent interview on The Delay Show, the talented artiste shared his struggles with financial constraints and the desire for a different lifestyle, which ultimately led him to pursue a different path.

Ypee explained that although his parents were supportive and took care of him, he yearned for a different kind of financial freedom.

“I went to the University of Ghana (Legon) for a month and dropped out of school. I was struggling a lot money-wise. I needed money, and although my mother and my father took care of me, the kind of money I wanted wasn’t my money or my father’s kind of money.

He desired what he referred to as “block money” is a substantial sum of money that would provide him with the luxurious lifestyle he aspired to.

It was this desire for quick wealth that influenced his choice to leave the university.

“I wanted ‘block money’ which is why I left the school. Also, being at Legon, I couldn’t endure the pressure. As a level 100 student, there was a hostel called Pent.

“When I pass by the hostel, the kind of cars I see over there, are my dream cars, and I want those cars too,” he added.

He added that as a first-year student, he encountered the Pent hostel, where he witnessed extravagant cars that represented his dreams.

Seeing a girl casually pressing the key to her car after he attempted to approach her made him realize that there were possibilities for a different life beyond his current circumstances.

“I saw a girl, I tried calling her, and the next thing I saw was her pressing the key to her car, so I then thought, ‘Oh, is this the case’,” he stated.

The artiste claims to be young and feeling uncomfortable in the face of such wealth, he made a life-changing decision and one Friday, he abruptly left campus around 4 p.m. without packing his belongings.

“I was young then, and I was feeling uncomfortable. One Friday, I left campus around 4 p.m. in a taxi. I didn’t pick up my things, and I left school for my big brothers’ house for three days at Akweteyman and then to Kumasi.”


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