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‘You dress in a way that shows it’s not just food you’re selling’ – Pastor indirectly jabs Hilda Baci



A Nigerian Pastor has raised concerns over Hilda Baci’s style of dressing.

After Hilda’s historic feat, social media was flooded with pictures of all kinds, some of which raised brows.

Netizens thronged Hilda Baci’s Instagram to check out her posts, in the quest to discover more about the popular ‘record-breaking chef’.

A look at the 27-year-old actress cum chef’s Instagram page captures her in different kinds of outfits, most of which are hot and saucy.

Bikini fits, clothes defining her curves, and exposing parts of her banging body among others were spotted.

However, a pastor has indirectly reacted to this development.

In excerpts of his sermon which has gone viral, he noted that any individual who attains a higher dimension in life must dress accordingly.

He said, no matter the record an individual breaks, they must endeavor to dress in a way that projects their achievement and not their bodies.

“There is something that the book of proverbs called the attire of a harlot. It means if you see a demon girl, you can know from her dressing. It doesn’t matter the record she break. There is a way you can dress and we will suspect that it is not food this person is selling,” he said.

Although he did not mention Hilda’s name, many linked his sermon to Hilda Baci, particularly because he cited a record-breaking attempt in his speech.

Reacting to this comment, scores of netizens took to the comment section to share interesting opinions about the sermon.

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