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‘You are a villager’ – Agradaa blasts husband over plans to meet girlfriend in USA



According to Nana Agradaa, her husband is in a relationship with another lady who resides in the USA after getting some information about them.

The reaction came after Agradaa found a text message between her husband and his supposed girlfriend that read, “I [Pastor Oduro] want to leave here [Ghana] before Christmas, I am waiting for the date in the embassy.”

Nana Agradaa disclosed that for the sake of her children, she makes sure that her husband is well catered for and gives him the needed attention yet he does not value their relationship.

In a video sighted by GhanaWeb with an Instagram account name, ‘thosecalledcelebss’ Nana Agradaa narrated how her husband, Pastor Oduro Koranteng is planning to commute to the USA without her notice before this year ends.

“Pastor [Oduro], you are a villager. The woman [his supposed girlfriend] stays abroad, you are sitting in Ghana waiting for the day to go to the embassy,” Nana Agradaa said.

“You [Pastor Oduro] could sit in the house and I would take just one week to get the visa for you. All you’d have to do is take a picture and I would even give you a plane ticket, all because of my kids.

She continued, “You are not a man who takes care of me and even feeds me but for the sake of kids, I am trying to protect my home. But due to your greediness, have you seen your disgrace?”

Nana Agradaa further hinted that she will play the voice of her husband’s alleged girlfriend publicly to back her claims.

“I [Nana Agradaa] will play his girlfriend’s voice, she spoke somewhere. So that we can all decode and analyze what she said.”

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