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Woman, 24, living in Qatar narrates a horrible story



African women who moved to other countries to find better jobs have been saying that their home country should come and take them back. These women were told they would live in luxury abroad, which would be different from their “hell” back home.

Once these women have been lured into these countries, they will be at the mercy of shady travel agents whose only goal is to make money at the expense of these young women’s good lives.

The Arab world is not like the West, where women have a voice. In these countries, men have complete control over women. Also, unlike in Europe, slavery is valued, cared for, and even celebrated.

In most African countries, when people leave, they don’t leave any sign behind. Who they are dealing with and where they are going is a mystery that can only be solved by brown envelopes.

So, when these women go somewhere, most people don’t know where they are. Even if they know, you won’t know where they live and you won’t be able to get in touch with any agent. If they were to die, there would be no one to call for help.

Even though these people know how bad off these young African women are, they will still treat them. This is what happened to Asana, who cried on social media after she secretly recorded herself in the bathroom on the phone of her master’s wife.

Even there, she was afraid that any of the couples could just bang inside.
She says that these Arab couples have been cruel to her and made her suffer a lot. The man sleeps with her in secret and lets his friends do the same. He has promised that if she tells his wife, she will die.

At 26, she’s treated like a girl of sixteen. They can go into her room whenever they want. She is hit with a cane, and people insult her whenever they want. They will treat her like trash if she forgets to do something. She cried, “They treat my dog better than they treat me!”

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