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Wisdom from Upcoming Artiste to Rapper Amerado And Everybody Disrespecting Asem

“Early this morning, a renowned radio personality made a comment about A.S.E.M in a popular WhatsApp group and I quote “A.S.E.M is seriously losing it, this post triggered a very long conversation between the group members, with comments like “ASEM is acting childish, Asem needs to go on a rehab, Asem’s time has passed” and etc, but the reply of one up&coming rapper touched my soul and I think the whole of Ghana should know. He said and i quote


“I think ASEM’ is been paralyzed and I think it is b’cuz he deserves some accolades and Ghana ain’t giving him that attention, so he’s trying to get the attention from us by force.. Even tho it’s not good, I won’t say it’s bad, let’s just wait and see where it goes..


Also, I read a post about Amerado saying he’s ready for ASEM lyrically and etc.. Amerado is doing well for himself in recent times and we all appreciate and respect that, but it’s so wrong for him to say that to ASEM even though he Asem may have wronged him. Charley, No matter what Asem is going through right now, no rising artiste should ever disrespect him like that, I think Amerado should have said something different that made sense and more humbling.. The Same Amerado guy was throwing shots at Sarkodie’ and Medikal sometime ago, it’s very bad.. The thing is, i think if a rapper is your senior (as in performing better than you in the industry or started way before you, never disrespect him, never)


ASEM Pigaro was a global hit and it was the first song that got played on BBC.. Asem paved the way for alot of Ghanaian celebs and I don’t think anybody should ever disrespect him. No Way


Maybe he’s going through some sort of “drama” in his life, its normal we’re human beings and it happens..


Asem has done alot for Ghana Music, let’s not forget that, cuz 10yrs to come your favourite artistes can also be in the same situation, and also to the legend ASEM, I know alot of people that used to love ASEM and the kind of music that he creates dearly but are drifting away nkakraa nkakraa in recent times, but no worries at all because if we’re to wake up one morning and boom ASEM Ft. Nasty C or ASEM Ft. Drake or some crazy song from Asem is out there, Ghana will bring back the love, But on a more serious note it’s my prayer that ASEM finds Peace, and gives us some really good Music, I can’t wait for his “WEATHER CHANNEL EP, long live ASEM long live Ghana


His name is ANANSE THEAFRIKANCHILD, he delivered marvelously on Magraheb99Bars and he has a song with Black Sherif coming out real soon, I just followed this guy and I think he is very dope and the kind of mind set he has, I can see he has a very promising future in Ghana’s music industry let’s all support him. @ananse_tac



Source: Thepressradio.com/Ghana/Xbills


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