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Why Stonebwoy did not respond to King Promise’s congratulatory message after TGMA win



Ghanaian music sensation Stonebwoy has explained why he did not respond to a congratulatory message from fellow artiste King Promise following his win as the TGMA 2024 Artiste of the Year.

It could be recalled that Afrobeat sensation King Promise, despite his own expectations and strong support from fans and celebrities alike, lost out to Stonebwoy for the prestigious Artiste of the Year title at the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) 2024.

However, after the ceremony, King Promise, who won three awards, took to social media to congratulate Stonebwoy for winning the title.

His message, however, was not acknowledged by the Dancehall artiste.

In an interview on June 13, 2024, Stonebwoy clarified that the lack of response was not intentional, nor did it indicate any ill will between the two.

He explained that amidst the numerous messages he received after his win, King Promise’s message was simply one he did not get around to answering.

“I didn’t think to respond. I just saw it. There are so many people to whom I have not responded with their congratulatory messages. So I think it’s in that basket, believe me.

“And there’s nothing attached to that at all. I’m not that petty,” he said.

“I beg; we shouldn’t take it that far. There’s no bad blood. It cannot be like that. I and King Promise do not have anything going on.

“King Promise is one of our junior brothers in the industry. I do not believe I have any problems with my brother personally. I do not believe so at all. That’s what I can state,” he added.

Stonebwoy also made a plea to the public and fans, urging them not to read too much into the situation or create unnecessary drama.

He stated that such missed communications are common, even among friends, and should not be presumed to be a sign of conflict.

“People call you; sometimes your own friends will call you, and you miss their calls a few times. But there’s no bad blood.

“I don’t want anybody to start creating anything. If anybody chooses to create anything, then they’ll deal with it the way it is. But I can’t get involved,” he said.


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