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Why Sonnie Achiba left Ghana



The ‘Sony Maba’ hitmaker, known for his craft of combining hip-pop, highlife, and Indian style of music, revealed that he left the country in 2004 as a result of a bad investment.

In an interview with Zionfelix, he explained that he invested monies from people to fund the promotion and recording of a song. Unfortunately, he didn’t not earn the money he was supposed to get.

“I left Ghana for the UK in 2004. This was because things changed in Ghana. I recorded a song and through that, I was involved in a bad investment. As a result of that, all my assets went down the drain. So, I had to try and provide the money to all those who invested in such project because they were chasing me for their money”, he said.

Sonnie Achiba further accused radio presenter, Fiifi Banson, for not playing his part as the promoter of the song. He added that the presenter, upon listening to the song, referred to it as a ‘useless’ song.

“I went to record a full album and all the executive producers whom I was supposed to distribute the songs to for money were not sure and they wanted the songs to be played on the radio before they pay for it. So, I went to Peace FM and at that time. FiiFi Banson was the presenter and was responsible for song promotion on one of his shows. When I got there, I distributed the songs to the DJs I knew so they can help me with the promotion but Fiifi Banson did not accept the album.

“So, one of the DJs played one of the songs from the album, Fiifi Banson heard him and said the song was useless while he was live radio. I was not pleased with what he said. I was angry and I went back to Peace FM to see Despite but he wasn’t around and rather went to see Fadda Dickson. I explained everything to him but he advised me to let everything go”.

He continued by claiming that the person he was intended to give the CD to was not willing to take the song because of the remarks made by Fiifi Banson, and that ruined the whole transaction.

Sonnie Achiba also stated that when the deal broke, he had no option but to travel abroad to work so he can pay his debts.

“The person I was going to give the thing to said he wouldn’t accept it because of what Fiifi Banson said and that broke everything. The pressure was not easy for me so I had to go and work to pay off my debts. So, I came here worked hard and I have been able to pay some of my debts”, he said.

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