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Why Shugatiti reported King Nazir to the Police CID



After analyzing the extent to which her reputation was being dragged in the mud and King Nazir’s act of capitalizing on her name to make some cash, Shugatiti resorted to involving the police.

Shugatiti said she realized things got serious after Nazir started taking on initiatives without her consent, particularly, raising funds on Twitter for a supposed sexual bout between them.

Earlier, King Nazir, who was poised on making Shugatiti reach orgasm solicited funds for a live telecast of their ‘Sexual game’.

“For the fans that wanna see this match-up happen! You can support here. This will help us secure funding for broadcasting/live PPV, set design, staff, etc,” his post on Twitter read.

This further skyrocketed the discussion between them with countless excited fans looking forward to the game.

However, in a latest development, Shugatiti has disclosed that some netizens had paid monies to King Nazir’s account.

She disclosed this while stating that she involved the CID shortly after Nazir shared the payment procedure of a supposed sexual bout, which she knew nothing about.

“He was raising about $10,000 without my knowledge so I lodge a complaint to a CID official. I asked if there is a way to put an embargo on him because he was doing things without my consent. He didn’t seek my consent for the fundraising. He only posted my name, asking people to send him money if they want the bout to happen. And people were actually paying the money to him. He got some money out of this,” she said told Zionfelix.


Earlier, in a series of conversations on Twitter, the American porn actor requested to make Shugatiti reach orgasm.

This was after Shugatiti expressed in an interview with Zionfelix that she has never experienced an orgasm in her life adding that no one can make her cum.

“You can’t satisfy me, I have never cum in my life, I don’t get orgasm. I asked my doctor, and he said it was normal because not all women will get orgasm. So for me, I don’t get orgasm; so pleasing me is out, you just have to match up with the energy till we get tired. I enjoy having sex; I get so wet; I enjoy the penetration and how things are moving in and out. I also enjoy long hours, like the whole day. Me, I don’t get tired. The honest truth is that all the people I have made out with match up with my energy,” she said.

King Nazir, after chancing on Shugatiti’s comments came up with ideas in a bid to help her resolve that problem.

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