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Why Okyeame Kwame will never kill an animal; not even a snake that enters his kitchen

The Hiplife artiste intimated that, unlike others who would hurriedly kill a snake to prevent it from biting them, he would rather find out whether the snake in question is poisonous or not. Even so, his means of survival would not include taking the life of the snake.

In his submission, the rapper, who prides himself on being a vegan and a vegetarian, recalled how he respectfully turned down an offer from a Ghanaian ambassador in New York who wanted to help him establish a fish farm. According to Okyeame Kwame, he could not accept the offer because he cannot produce what would eventually be killed and eaten by others when he is against the practice.

“I’ve been vegetarian for six years; vegan for two years,” he said on 3FM. “I don’t eat meat; I don’t eat meat or anything from animals except honey. One day I just realized that the most important thing to me is my life and I saw the cow feels the same way…”

“So, you’re one of those people that if a snake enters your house, you’re looking at how to save it before surviving?” asked Giovanni Caleb, the host of the show who appeared intrigued by Okyeame Kwame’s narrative.

Before he would give a direct response to the question, the 46-year-old rapper sought to educate the public on how to find out whether a snake poses a danger to you or not.

He said: “You know what is interesting? There are 200 species of snakes; only 20 of them bite to kill. If you look at where the eyes are, you can tell whether it is poisonous or not.”

“At that moment of survival, you’re thinking of species?” Giovanni asked; a question that made everyone in the studio, including Okyeame Kwame, laugh uncontrollably.

“…If it confronts you, then you need to save yourself, obviously. But a snake has entered your house, it’s in the kitchen, then everyone is looking for something to come and hit it?” Okyeame Kwame asked while stating emphatically that he would never do that.

According to the rapper, “The opposite of love is not hate; the opposite of love is fear. And we fear what we don’t know. So, if you take your time to know the things that are of importance to you, you’ll have no fear. And once you have no fear, you become complete love.

“And once you become love, you can’t hurt people; you can’t hurt animals. Even when you’re coming to eat a plant, you know you’re hurting it and you’re sad for it.”


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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