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Why most abusers are narcissistic

Freelance Marketer and entrepreneur, Yvonne Afari, has asserted that most male abusers are narcissistic and that is one reason why every lady needs to stay away from them.

She described relationship abuse as a behavioural pattern in certain people, which makes them love to have control over their spouses. She noted that abuse can be financially, emotionally, physically and in many other forms.

According to Yvonne, since these abusers usually need admiration and believe others are inferior to them, when they find a woman they can control and be superior over, they tend to want to have her around so that she can fulfil their narcissistic desires.

Emphasizing on the fact that abuse in relationships may not always be physical, Yvonne went on to give some tips on how a woman can figure out if her man is abusive. This was during an interview with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on the award-winning Girl Vibes show which airs on eTV Ghana.

“If your man has a habit of shouting at you, disgracing you and describing you with words that make you feel inferior, whether in public or alone, you should know he’s abusive. When you complain about it, he will change for a while and act sorry but with time, you will see that behaviour again. Such a man is an abuser”, she said.

Yvonne warned that in most cases, these men never totally change, hence, when a woman finds herself with an abusive man and decides to leave, under no circumstances must she fall for it when he says he will change.

Source: etvghana.com

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