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Why Dr. Likee was arrested by the police almost every week sometime ago



Ghanaian actor and skit maker, Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, popularly known as Dr. Likee, has shared his past experiences with the illicit drug trade.

He disclosed that after leaving school early, he found himself struggling on the streets, trying to make a living for himself.

In his quest for employment, he turned to the illicit drug trade, which proved to be quite profitable and allowed him to enjoy life.

Dr. Likee mentioned that eventually, the local police became aware of his business, leading to frequent arrests.

During an interview with Emelia Brobbey on the Okukuseku show, he expressed no regrets about his past actions, stating they were preferable to armed robbery.

“When you are on the street, the idea is to make money, and there are ways to do so without necessarily engaging in armed robbery. So if you are bold, you can engage in dealing with illicit drugs. Every week I used to go to the police station because I was arrested.

“I could even introduce someone who has come out of prison to the illicit drug business instead of the person engaging in thievery. With the drugs, they don’t beat you when arrested, but with robbery, you could be crushed to death. The drug business was very lucrative,” he said.

Dr. Likee has since made a name for himself as a prominent actor in the Kumawood industry.

He also creates YouTube skit videos, which have maintained his presence in the entertainment sector.

Watch the video below:


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