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Why are you angry now that the tables have turned? – Zionfelix to Mzbel



Ghanaian blogger, Zionfelix has announced that he holds nothing against singer Mzbel adding that it was never his intention to allow Afia Schwarzenegger to ridicule her on his platform.

In Zion’s message to Mzbel published on his YouTube channel, he turned off the comments section to prevent viewers from dragging the issue.

On his account, it took a lot of consideration for him to speak on Mzbel’s claim of sabotaging his brand and conniving with Afia to disrespect her.

The popular blogger declaring his love for Mzbel despite their misunderstandings reminded her of the times she equally cited Afia Schwar in their interview.

Zionfelix hammered that he doesn’t have control over how his interviewee responds to questions he poses to them.

“Mzbel is dear to my heart, I like Mzbel, I liked Mzbel. I have also loved Mzbel. We haven’t spoken to her in a long time but I still love her even after her video…there are certain things she said that I want to address. My intent was never for people to attack Mzbel, I have interviewed her so many times…I asked questions about Afia when I interviewed you and so why will you be angry when the tables turn? Mzbel has talked about people on other platforms…she talked a lot about my private life, I am also human, I feel pain,” he said.

“The interview wasn’t for any bad purpose…it is my duty to report anything in the creative arts space…for the interview I did, every journalist who gets to interview Afia Schwar will ask most of the questions I put to her. How many times do you see Afia grant an interview?…my interviews are not to fuel things, it is just for my guests to share their thoughts,” he spoke in defense.

The blogger also insisted that Mzbel’s 2022 hit single, ‘Asibolanga’ was targeted at her long-time rival, Afia, although the singer has denied it on several occasions.

“However Afia presents her conversation is her style, I don’t tell people how to talk neither do I tell them to target a person. If I ask a question, I don’t force you to answer.

“Now let me address Mzbel’s comment…everyone knows that ‘Asibolanga’ is about Afia Schwarzenegger. There was a song done for her and as soon as the flyer came out, everybody associated it with her…a lot of conversation came out after the video. Afia never talked about the song and so, when I interviewed her, I wanted answers…it is a public song and it is not a taboo to talk about it. How she responded had nothing to do with me,” he added.


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