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Why Agradaa took back a GH¢200 donation from her ‘ungrateful’ church member

Evangelist Mama Pat better known as Nana Agradaa

Nana Agradaa, now known as Evangelist Mama Pat, has disclosed that she can not stand ungrateful human beings who seem not to be content with the help she offers them out of love for God and humanity.

The evangelist in a viral video was captured instructing one of her pastors to seize from handing over a GH¢200.00 donation to a middle-aged trader at her church over what she termed as ungratefulness on the part of the said trader.

During a prophetic encounter with a woman identified as Cynthia, Mama Pat noted that the spirit of the Lord had instructed her to assist in starting up her small business.

“I hear a voice in my spirit telling me that you want to sell drinks, how much did you give as offertory? See what the Lord has done for you. I hear the spirit tell me that you want to sell drinks. Pastor, give this woman GH¢200.00 and let her go sit down.”

According to the evangelist who was recently ordained as a Reverend Minister, Cynthia’s GH¢2.00 offertory resulted in her breakthrough and out of her own will, offered to sow a seed in her business.

“Oh, mum,” said the trader in reaction to the gesture and narrative.

Just before the pastor would hand over the money to Cynthia, Mama Pat changed her mind due to the attitude and statement of her church member.

“Pastor, forget about it, just don’t. Come back, tell her to go back to her seat. Just go back. Nobody should clap. Stop! I haven’t collected anyone’s money. I detest ungratefulness, you say you want to start a banana and drink business but you don’t appreciate my GH¢200 donation just because you’ve seen me give someone GH¢3,000.00,” said the female preacher.


The woman who was put to shame at the church audition walked back into her seat with an empty hand as the congregation looked on.

Check out the video below:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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