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‘Where is Poco Lee’ – Nigerians react as 16-year-old breaks GWR longest dance marathon



A dancer from Nepal named Bandana Nepal had set the record in 2018 after dancing for 126 hours.

According to Guinness World of Records Official Adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar, Shrusti performed her dance marathon in her college’s auditorium, which was “jam packed with supporters”.

Following the certification by GWR on its website, many Nigerians have envisaged Nigerian dancer Poco Lee to break the record next year.

Reacting on Twitter, Nigerians stated that Poco Lee would break the record by dancing for 200 hours nonstop in 2024.

Read some comments here

SimonEzema1: “Immediately i saw Dance i know it’s coming from India”

I_am_Raphael_: “Wait for Nigerians. 200hrs loading.”

Charleydonny: “Someone should tag ekiti people, challenge Don come o.”

LigegeTshiwela: “If Nigerians see this.. i see 200 hours record loading”

ONEONONEEN69544: “Hahahahaha trust Nigerians we go collect that record”

IamNEESHOLAR: “What!!! 5days? So she didn’t sleep all through. #incredible”

regularsuccess: “Pocolee where you dey???”

ifeanyi_nwadike: “@Poco_lee21 this na small thing for you na”




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