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‘When TV3 poached me, Multimedia increased my pay but I still left’ – MzGee



She said at the time she was being poached by Media General, her company at that time, took notice of the offer letter and increased her salary in order to retain her.

MzGee said in spite of being offered a raise, she still exited the company and this was because she was in search of something other than money.

She made these statements while responding to claims that she left TV3 to Despite Media because the latter gave a better offer.

“It is not about the money. Let me tell you this. At the time I was leaving Multimedia, they had taken TV3’s offer letter and upped my pay but I still left. So, it’s not all about the money,” she disclosed.

MzGee added that one of the reasons she took up the UTV job was because she was poised on challenging herself.

She said being the host of a Twi speaking program (United Showbiz), in spite of not being fluent in the language has propelled her to the greatest challenge ever.

“This is the biggest challenge yet. I haven’t done mass market before. There was no reason for me to listen and pay attention to Twi that much so I saw this as a huge challenge. I love challenges so well,” she added.


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