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What Zionfelix and Erica posted on Instagram the day Mina announced breakup



Zionfelix and his other baby mama, Erica Kyem

Exactly the same day Minalyn publicly announced her breakup with Zionfelix, her rival Erica, and the blogger shared posts on social media that caught the attention of netizens.

Minalyn, Zionfelix’s fiancée who appears to be fed up with the drama associated with being reduced to one of his baby mamas, took to social media to announce their break up.

Mina cited among other things that after another woman forced herself into their relationship, she succeeded in ruining her union with Zionfelix, because the blogger made it possible.

“If another woman was able to force her way into our relationship destroying it in the process, then this can obviously be attributed to the fact that my partner availed himself and deliberately opened the door for that to happen. This I can confidently say wasn’t a mistake as claimed but was premeditated. You will all bear me out that it is unfair for someone’s uncontrollable actions to be my headache or someone else. Posterity will judge us all. I wish him and whoever is involved well,” parts of the statement read.

But on the same day, perhaps hours apart, Zionfelix shared a picture of his newly built house in Kumasi, amidst congratulations from his fans and followers.

Erica, Minalyn’s rival, has also deleted all her Instagram posts, leaving behind photos of her and Zionfelix.

That’s not all, she has also shared a throwback video from their baby, Adom Jnr’s christening.

Check out the posts below:



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