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What I ordered vs what I got: Here are some causes of the alarming, popular fashion trend



Then the urge to rock the same style heightens and as a result, they take screenshots and ask tailors to sew the exact thing which ends in a disaster.

Consequently, depending on the victim’s personality, temperament, and cost of purchase, this is either followed by weeping and gnashing of teeth, intense laughter, or pure rage.

More stories of this sort have engulfed social media in recent times.

So many factors have been touted as responsible for this dissatisfaction but in an interview with popular Ghanaian fashion designer, Elikem Kumordzie, he sheds more light on the subject.

Sharing expert advice on the development, Elikem said both the client and the tailors should be blamed.

He emphasized that a lot of factors including, the lack of expertise, unmatching body types, and low-quality fabric as reasons why such expectations are not met.

Speaking exclusively to GhanaWeb’s Talkertainment host, Elsie Lamar, Elikem said,

“In the defense of the tailor, some clients don’t bring to us clothes that will suit their body type. We all have a certain type of body. Certain clothes that will suit a slim lady on the internet would not necessarily suit a curvy woman and vice versa. They see something online and they want the same thing. They will wear it and it won’t look good.

“The other thing is a lot of tailors don’t take their time to learn the craft properly. They take the wrong jobs. Because they are broke and they need the money, they will go for it and struggle to get it done. For instance, they don’t know their way around corsets yet they will take up corset jobs. It’s the same about suits. The tailor is to be blamed partly and the client as well. The fabric also plays a big role and we need to learn about these things,” he observed.

Watch the interview below:




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