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We are tired of unlawful killing of Zongo youth by some police officers-Concern Youth of Asawase



The Concern Youth of Asawase in the Asokore Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti Region have expressed frustration over what they described as continuous killing of youth in Zongo communities by some policemen   across the country.

The group observed that, they find it bizarre and barbaric on the part of some police officers who find delight in the killing of youth in zongo communities.

The group in a press release on Wednesday July 26, 2023, and copied to OTEC News desk said they are serving a notice to the leadership of the Ghana Police Service and government that, they will no longer accept any unlawful killing of any zongo youth.

The press release signed by Harris Umar, President of the Concern Youth of Asawase called on the government to stop the serial killing of youth in Zongo communities.

Their agitation follows the alleged killing of, one  Yussif Salawudeen by some police officer at Asawase.

The group has urged the government to as a matter of urgency ensure that, justice is served in this particular instance.


Full Statement bellow:






The constant killing of the Zongo youth is becoming the promotion of the barbaric act by the Police to continue to victimize the Zongo (YUSSIF SALAWUDEEN)


It is with great sorrow and anger that I address this press to vent our frustration and dissatisfaction over the continuous killing of the Zongo youth by the Police, whose mandate per the constitution of the Ghana is nothing more than the protection of lives and properties, thus, the maintenance of peace and order, however, we find it bizarre and barbaric on the part of some Policemen who find delight in cutting short the lives of our young and potential youth in the zongo community.


We are of the strong view that our approach as a society towards such unlawful killing of our youth in the Zongos maybe isn’t serious enough to let the government know and understand how bitter and angry we are whenever our people are innocently killed by some irreplaceable policemen. Over the years, our Islamic clerics, Chiefs, CSO’S and politicians have championed a strong campaign against lawlessness amongst the  Zongo communities, hence amplifying the need for the Zongo youth to be law abiding,  however, it is beginning to look as though the Police is taken our compliance to the laws as our weakness to take undue advantage over us to kill and deprive the Zongo youth from getting the goals of their destination.


The pain and agony of the Zongo 7 still lingers in our hearts; we thought that was going to be the end of it, until it repeated itself in the Zongo of Ejura within the spin of 7 years,  if the Police want to continue to kill us for the government instead of using the taxpayers money to develop the country and create job opportunities for the youth of Ghana to have hopes in their lives,  rather than the constant using of the  taxpayer’s money to pay compensations as a result of the negligence and incompetence of some Police officers.


The  CONCERN YOUTH OF ASAWASE are by this notice informing the IGP and the government  that; no amount of money is enough to replace a life; this shouldn’t be a norm, our innocent brother, YUSSIF SALAWUDEEN, popularly known among his peers as Shilah was a harmless, decent and hardworking young man with a proven good character known by all in the community;  he is completely innocent of the purported suspicion by that team of unprofessional Police men who assaulted and brutalized him to death.


The autopsy report from the hospital has confirmed our brother YUSSIF SALAWUDEEN was beaten to death. So, this time the Police can’t lie;  however, we condemn the act of vandalism at the Police station by a section of the aggrieved  youth due to the pain of losing a brother. Two wrongs have never made a right, we seek justice not by breaking the law and disturbing public peace but, rather seek Justice  in the most civic and lawful means.


We are calling on the government to as a matter of urgency step in to ensure that justice is served our brother,  and the Policemen who killed our brother are brought to book to face the full rigors of law.  We the CONCERN YOUTH OF ASAWASE will not rest until justice is served.  Enough is enough!  Enough of the Kill and Pay by the Police and Government; Allow the Zongo Youth to Grow



Zongo deserves better.


Harris Umar



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