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We are drinking the same water with animals – Residents and Nananom of Awutu Topease



According to the residents, the lack of portable drinking water had forced everybody in the community to drink from the same river that had been polluted by animals.

They hinted that they have been suffering from a lack of potable water for the last ten years since their borehole broke down, and even though the chief in the community is building another for them, it is still not enough.

“We have been facing this problem of not having good water to drink in this community for the past 10 years, which forces us to drink from the same river that is being polluted by animals. Mankrado (Chief) is building a borehole for us, but it is still not enough, and we need more,” the residents told Rainbow Radio.

Omankrado of Topease, Nana Kofi Bosompem, also highlighted the numerous problems they are facing in the community, aside from the lack of portable drinking water, which is affecting their health.

“The first one is a water problem, and I have started building one that will be ready in less than a week. The next one is unemployment, and that is causing serious problems, such as teenage pregnancies in this constituency.”




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