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Watch video of woman cursing KNUST student who allegedly stole son’s laptop



In a video shared by Noks TV Africa, the mother is seen ranting on the hostel compound with eggs and calling on various gods to kill the person who stole her son’s laptop.

According to the caption of the video, the son of the woman is a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who had his laptop stolen at the hostel.

“If whoever has taken the laptop fails to return it, use him and his family for thanksgiving, if he bathes with water, drinks or paste his teeth with water may Antoa Nyamaa, akonedi and apepe deal with him…” the woman is heard invoking before smashing the eggs in front of the main gate to the hostel.

Recently a fetish priestess stormed the campus of Lashbibi Senior High School to perform some rituals invoking curses on the classmates of her child for allegedly stealing his mobile phone.

The fetish priestess cladded in her full regalia invoked curses on the supposed thief of her son’s mobile phone using a bottle of Schnapp.

“This is Lashibi Senior High, a fetish priestess just entered the school because there is no security. The woman is saying someone stole her son’s phone.

“It is really hard in Accra. So, are we safe in this school? You are in this school and a fetish priestess has come into the school, look at what she is doing,” a student lamented in the video.

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