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WATCH: This why preparing coconut snake delicious soup is trending



Food, Meat and water are generally a source of living for living things. God created humans and animals across the globe. In every country, there are traditions and cultures as well as tribes. Every community has its own way of preparing their food and meat that suit that particular dish. Africa, America, Europe, Asia have their own dishes depending on the country they live in.

However, the snake is one reptile which most of the people on the earth are scared of but has a very good taste when it comes to its meat. Countries like China, Korea, Indonesia specifically cook snake meat and it is one of the street dishes they enjoy every day.

Snake meat has become one of the most expensive meat in Asian countries and even some African countries.’s segment (Healthshots) features everything that talks about human health and that can help mankind to live healthy and sustain long life.

In today’s edition we are showing you how snake meat is prepared. Also understood, every animal on earth is already good and not a poison.

Watch the video below and learn how to prepare snake soup and how delicious it is for man to practice it. Kindly share to friends and family to witness this experience 



Source:| Healthshots

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