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WATCH: This is why Afia Schwarzenegger is trending



Well-known Ghanaian media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has made a candid and controversial revelations about her intimate life.

In a TikTok live video, Afia openly admitted to having had sex with an unnamed partner whose face was not shown.

Playfully interacting with him, she was seen sucking on his finger while singing.

In a light-hearted exchange, Afia asked her partner why he hadn’t gone to work, to which he playfully responded, “It’s because you caught me and had sex with me I couldn’t go,” and Afia jokingly remarked, “Why are you lying, but isn’t that the duty of a wife? I am doing my duty.”

During the video, Afia asserted that her partner belonged exclusively to her and that she was not willing to share him with anyone else.

She confidently stated, “He is only mine, and I am not sharing him with anyone.”

The video quickly went viral, and reactions on social media were mixed. Some praised Afia for her openness and unapologetic nature, while others criticized her for sharing intimate details of her personal life publicly.

The incident sparked discussions about the boundaries of public disclosure and the impact of such revelations on the perception of public figures.

Following the video’s circulation, Afia addressed the controversy through her social media channels, defending her right to express herself freely and reject societal norms.

She asserted, “I don’t conform to what people think I should do or not do. I live life on my own terms.”

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