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Watch the moment Kwaku Manu found out the man he interviewed is dead



Upon arriving at the residence, he encountered Patrick Donkor, a friend of Dinda and another former convict. Patrick sadly informed Kwaku Manu that Dinda had passed away a few days earlier. This revelation left the actor shocked, as he had planned to provide financial assistance to Dinda during his visit.During the interview with Patrick, Kwaku Manu expressed his confusion and asked for confirmation that they were indeed discussing the same person. Patrick assured him that there was no mistake, explaining that in their community, a specific arrival time was established for residents. Failure to return within that time frame meant the person was either arrested or, in the worst case, deceased.

According to Patrick, Dinda had left home on May 21st and hadn’t returned since. In their community, if someone didn’t arrive by 2:30 AM, it indicated an arrest. If they failed to appear by 8:00 AM the next day, it suggested hospitalization or death. The passing of each day without any sign of Dinda pointed to the tragic conclusion that he was no longer alive.

Deeply affected by the news, Kwaku Manu handed Patrick GH¢300, which he had brought along, instructing him to utilize the funds for Dinda’s funeral upon receiving confirmation of his demise.

In conclusion, this unexpected turn of events left Kwaku Manu in a state of shock and confusion. The interview with Dinda had taken a tragic twist, and the actor felt compelled to support Dinda’s grieving friends. Despite the sadness surrounding Dinda’s passing, there was a glimmer of hope that his story, as shared through Kwaku Manu’s platform, might inspire change and redemption for others involved in criminal activities. The readers, represented by the comments, expressed their interest in hearing more about Dinda’s past and the outcome of the interview with the person in the black jacket, emphasizing the impact and importance of sharing such stories.



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