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WATCH: S*x tape of Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal trends



The video which is circulating on the various social media pages has caused a stir with many asking why celebrities continue to find themselves in such difficult situation.

This would not be the first time a Nigerian celebrity sex tape is leaked.

However, Moyo Lawal who seem not bothered by the criticisms on social media took to her Instagram page to share some photos of herself holding a bouquet.

Captioning the photo she wrote; “The only magic, I still believe in … is Love …. …. and if you are to ask me, after all I have been through ….. …. How can I, still believe in love, it’s because I know that in love and in dreams … … there is no impossibilities… ….”

She also shared a photo of herself while on set and dressed as an older woman with a walking stick.

Reacting to the viral video, here are what some Nigerians on Twitter are saying.

@SAMKLEF: Omo who leak moyo lawal sex tape for twitter? Belike say sex tape season we Dey like this o! I no see anything o I be pastor.

@Appede_: Just saw the Moyo Lawal sex tape. One thing isn’t clear though. Is it that these women intentionally allow themselves to be recorded.

@Esther_Rapheal1: Two people sex tape leaked but only Moyo lawal is trending, that says a lot, what have women done wrong in this world

@finest6548: Moyo Lawal no send una Papa o. She don post for her Instagram even with wetin dey sup. I come dey feel like say this sex tape release, na she plan am. Follow for more #MoyoLawal

@topensyy: I have noticed that leaked sex tape is what gives some of you a sense of happiness. Your lives are so boring that you start begging for the videos shamelessly like your lives depends on it. You did same thing when it was about tiwa savage, now it’s about moyo lawal, mumu

@_choco_timmy: Omo this moyo Lawal leaked sex tape omo I’m so disappointed who do you allow videos why having s!x and she’s fully aware ooo you can do better abeg, thought she kept saying she’s celibate Abi #moyolawal

@cute_menah: Moyo Lawal sex tape got leaked… but from watching the video it doesn’t look like something that was leaked

It looks like something that was uploaded on purpose

@skillzxtimi: Is sex tape the new way of reviving a career or why is it that y’all released it every 3 market days?

Moyo Lawal’s own is everywhere on the internet. We need to fix up as a society her children will grow up and this thing will hurt them.

@Seankleann: Moyo Lawal’s sex tape all over the internet. You can’t tell me this isn’t calculated and intentional. Smh!

@Ice_tweetz: Moyo Lawal leaked sex tape?

One common thing about all this leaked s*x tapes is, the victims are always the ones who record themselves.

What’s really the motive behind videoing yourself while having s*x, for what exactly?

@hunchostuntin: This moyo lawal sextape that leaked is the most stupid shit I’ma see today. You’re a public figure and you know that, yet you allow a man put camera Infront of your breasts videoing you while having sex! She gave zero fucks which means she’s not new to been filmed while at it.



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