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Watch: Spicing up the bedroom for sex; Things to ban for better intimacy



Although the bedroom is commonly known to be a space for rest, it also plays a critical role among people in relationships or married couples.

GhanaWeb’s Moans & Cuddles host, Patricia Rockson Hammond, engaged family and sex therapists Princessa Aggrey and Malcolm Etornam Emmanuel Ametepe on the topic of spicing up the bedroom for sex. They gave examples of how bedrooms of couples should look and things that should not be included in bedroom decoration.

According to Princessa Aggrey, the bedroom is akin to a sanctuary; thus, it should be furnished as such.

Among the things that should not be allowed in a bedroom, Princessa Aggrey said the idea of setting up a television in the bedroom should not be encouraged.

Backed by Malcolm, they explained that television is a distraction that could kill the sex vibes set up by the couple.

“When you open a door into a bedroom, you should have that ambiance of walking into an enclosure of rest, an enclosure where you want to be longer, and where you want to give and receive. Noise reduction should be paramount. For me, I don’t subscribe to having a TV in the bedroom. It is a huge distraction. The bedroom is for two things: sleep and sex,” she said.

Other turn-offs she touched on were the colour of the room and light, saying that no bedroom should be painted white or any charging colors.

She suggested colours like blue and olive green to be the best. She also said couples should opt for dim lights in their bedrooms.

“The light should be dim, and the colour of the bedroom shouldn’t be white. White bedrooms are distracting. The painting should be cool like blue, like something that is not charging your energy. No orange, no yellow, no red,” she added.

Watch the video below:

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