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Watch policemen disarm man threatening to butcher them



Personnel of the Ghana Police Service have, on many occasions, been criticised for using unnecessary brute force on civilians.

However, the actions of some police officers have proven that not all of them act unprofessionally in the face of danger.

A viral video of an altercation between some police officers and a man threatening to harm them has shown how professional some officers can be.

In the said video, the officer can be seen trying to stop a man from cutting down a tree in a forest in the northern part of Ghana.

The man, who appears to be in his 40s, refused their order and can be seen complaining as he waved the machete he was using to cut the tree around.

The policemen then ordered him to put the machete down, but he was not budging. And anytime the officer close to him moved, he (the man) positioned himself to strike.

The officer remained calm even though the man threatened to slay him anytime he moved toward him (the suspect). He (the officer) fixed his gun properly at his back, and as the man positioned himself to strike, he hit the cutlass out of his hand.

He then pounced on the suspect and, with the help of the other officers, subdued and handcuffed him.

Social media users are praising the police for their professionalism.

Watch a video of the incident below:



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