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Watch moment boxing fans sang Ga version of Zambian anthem at African Games



Zambian boxer, Patrick ‘Baddo’ Chinyemba, won gold at the African Games without fighting in the final bout.

His South African opponent withdrew from the final, hence, Patrick was automatically declared the winner and duly awarded the gold medal.

At the medal ceremony in the ring at the Bukom Boxing Arena, medals were duly handed to all four boxers who got into the medal zone.

As is the custom, the national anthem of the gold medallist is played and so Patrick had the honour of hearing the instrumental of the Zambian anthem being played as he sang the lyrics.

That was not to be, because the crowd in the arena could identify with the instrumental and simply sang a Ghananized version of the anthem.

The Zambian anthem is an adapted version of a South African struggle song titled: “Nkosi sikelel’ Afrika.”

The Ghanaian version is along a story of someone wanting kelewele (fried ripe plantain) and asking his mother for money to go get some, unfortunately, when they get to the vendor, the kelewele was finished.

Watch the two versions of the anthem below:




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