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Watch how ‘suicidal’ KNUST student attempted jumping off an 8-story building



The video, which was shared by Voice of KNUST on Twitter on July 4, 2023, showed the student on the verge of giving up on life while hanging on the building.

Accompanying the footage was a caption that read, “The life of a male student of KNUST saved following his attempt to commit suicide due to reasons yet unknown at the Brunei Complex. Say No to Suicide – Your Life Matters.”

In the video, several individuals can be seen rushing to the student’s aid, desperately trying to rescue him. With the student hanging on the wall, his colleagues exhibited courage and successfully pulled him to safety.

As of now, the reasons behind the young man’s attempt to end his life remain unknown. However, in a suicide note purportedly authored by the student, he was suffering from depression and believed that death was his only escape.

Watch the video below:




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