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Watch how Bayern Munich players treated Sadio Mane after he punched Leroy Sane



Bayern Munich players have distanced themselves from Senegalese international, Sadio Mane after his altercation with teammate Leroy Sane at the Etihad Stadium, Sky Sports has reported.

Sadio Mane allegedly punched Leroy Sane on the lip during an altercation after Bayern Munich’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester City in the first leg of the 2022/2023 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

The incident led to the Senegalese being banned for one game hence his absence in Bayern’s Bundesliga game against Hoffenheim on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Sky Sports has now reported the Bayern Munich players were disappointed about the incident because they expected Sadio to Mane better and has since distanced themselves from him.

“He is seen very critically inside now and because of that behavior, a lot of players in the team that I have spoken to have distance themselves from him (Sadio Mane),” Sky Sports reported.

The report also added that the club will most likely let Sadio Mane go in the summer for his behavior.

“I can say that he is a candidate for sale in the summer because of high salary and also I heard that Thomas Tuchel has no real plans of working with him in the summer,” the report added.


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