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WATCH: Delay interviews Kwame Ahenfie



Popular Kumawood actor, Kwame Ahenfie has opened up about his taste in women.

According to the diminutive actor, he likes taller women despite his short stature.

In an interview on the latest episode of the Delay Show, Kwame Ahenfie cleared the air about his relationship with a diminutive female colleague frequently seen in his social media posts.

He clarified that they were just friends and colleagues who happened to be in the same vicinity and that he had nothing going on with her.

“She is not my girlfriend, she is just my partner. I work with her in programmes, we are in the same community, and she and other members of the team come around to practice,” he said.

According to him, she is too short for him because he prefers taller women.

“I have nothing going on with her, she’s shorter than me. Why would I, a short man, go for a short woman?” he humorously remarked.

Asked about his taste, Kwame Ahenfie declared that he prefers giants.

He added that all the ladies he has dated were taller than him.

However, the actor also admitted to not being ready to settle down, stating that he doesn’t have time to get into a serious relationship.

When asked about his dating life, he stated that his longest relationship had been just “three months.”

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