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Watch as several bags of onions lie rotten due to Niger border closure



Since the beginning of the unrest, onion traders particularly in the Ashanti region, who import from Niger, have experienced several losses due to the longer days the commodity takes to arrive in Ghana.

In an earlier report, the traders noted that they had to sell a bag of onions which originally costs GH¢1300 for GH¢100 because they had gone bad upon their arrival in Ghana.

The latest video on the development has shown several bags of onions going bad as traders are unable to transport the commodity to their intended destinations.

Commentary being run on the video which was shared by GHOne on Instagram revealed that the truck drivers have been left to their fate as the borders remained closed.

The male voice running the commentary in Twi could be heard saying: “Because of wicked African mindset, they will not open the borders for their fellow African to pass. God must help us. All these bags of onion are going to waste.”

On the other hand, some traders have noted that they have lost almost GH¢500,000 due to the phenomenon.


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