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Watch as an alleged NPP polling station chairman is caught red-handed stealing from a shop



The said video, which was shared by the EDHUB on X, on December 31, 2023, showed how the alleged thief was made to demonstrate how he managed to enter the shop and steal from it, seeing that the gate was still intact.

He skilful entered the container shop through the small space in the roofing to the amazement of the owners of the shop and onlookers.

As he was getting out of the shop, one man asked him, “How were you able to pass through this small space into the shop?”

The accused thief retorted, “When I was sitting outside, yesterday, I was feeling very hot… my body was itching.”

“So, how did you manage to escape, because I was outside here?” a woman could be heard asking.

The suspect, who appeared terrified, was in an NPP-branded T-shirt.

Watch the video below:




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