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Wen Twitter wan begin charge blue tick account owners $20 per month?

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New Twitter owner Elon Musk don tok say dem go change di process to get di ogbonge “blue tick”, as report comot say di company go begin charge $20 (£17) per month for pipo to dey verified.

Oga Musk tweet say dem go revamp di verification process just days afta im take over di social media giant.

Di blue tick currently dey free and na way to show say pesin account dey authentic.

Oga Musk complete im $44bn (£37.9bn) takeover on Friday, and e don rename imself as Chief Twit on Twitter.

During months of legal gbas-gbos wey lead to di buying, di billionaire don repeatedly express concerns about di verification process, and di number of spam and bot accounts wey im believe say dey litter di site.

Oga Musk tweet, on Sunday, no really give any more details about wetin exactly fit change.

But according to tech website The Verge, wey quote internal correspondence, Twitter now wan charge pipo $19.99 per month to keep dia blue tick verification status.

E say di plan involve to more dan double di price for Twitter Blue – di company subscription service – and making verification one of im features.

Dem go give verified users 90 days to subscribe or face losing dia blue tick, e report.

Dem tell employees of di project on Sunday and dem don tell dem say dem go need to launch di scheme by 7 November or risk losing dia jobs, e add.

Dem launch Twitter Blue last summer, and give subscribers access to various premium features including di option to undo a tweet.

E currently dey optional and e cost $4.99 per month.

Even though, e no get any official confirmation of di plan, on Monday Oga Musk appear to acknowledge di speculation for one new tweet wey say: “Oh no, all our diabolical plans don dey revealed!!”

How pipo react to di news

Pipo don begin react to di news in different ways.

With many wey no gbadun di idea.



Source: bbc.com

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