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Vinicius Jr ‘exposes’ La Liga in new racist abuse compilation video



His video seeks to reveal how he has been a target for some clubs who racist abused him during the season but no actions were taken against the culprit.

The detailed video had the name of the venue, the translation of the chants, and the dates of each incident.

Clubs identified in the video included Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Rayo Vallecano, Valencia, and Mallorca.

In the caption of the video he posted on Twitter, he wrote: “Every round away from home is an unpleasant surprise. And there were many this season. Death wishes, hanged doll, many criminal screams… All registered.

“But the speech always falls on “isolated cases”, “a fan”. No, these are not isolated cases. They are continuous episodes spread across several cities in Spain (and even in a television program).

“The evidence is there in the video. Now I ask: how many of these racists had names and photos exposed on websites? I answer to make it easier: zero. None to tell a sad story or make those fake public apologies.

“What is missing to criminalize these people? And punish clubs sportingly? Why don’t sponsors charge La Liga? Don’t televisions bother to broadcast this barbarity every weekend?

“The problem is very serious and communications no longer work. Not blaming me to justify criminal acts either.

“You are not football, you are inhuman.”

The Brazilian outreach comes following his recent racist abuse in Valencia during Real Madrid’s 1-0 defeat. He has received backing from his colleague footballers, former players, and other federations.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino also released a statement to empathise with the player.

Meanwhile, La Liga, in an immediate release, stated that the body would take “appropriate legal action” if a hate crime is identified.

They also entreated people to send other footage of the incident to help their investigation.

Watch Vinicius Jr’s video below




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