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Videos from Moses Bliss’ ‘elegant, fashionable’ traditional wedding with Marie



Renowned Nigerian musician, Moses Bliss has finally tied the knot with her Ghanaian wife, Marie Wiseborn in what has been described by many as an elegant and fashionable traditional wedding ceremony.

Even though Marie Wiseborn is mostly based in the United Kingdom (UK), the traditional wedding ceremony was held in Accra, to give due reverence to her roots.

As per videos posted by Ameyaw TV on Instagram and observed by GhanaWeb, Moses Bliss was adorned in his traditional Nigerian attire, with his wife, Marie Wiseborn, similarly dressed.

After some time, the couple dressed in an outfit that suited the Ghanaian culture.

Moses Bliss was accompanied by his friends and family members for the traditional wedding ceremony.

When Moses Bliss was introduced to his wife, he said, “Jesus! Wow, this is the one who my heart loves.”

The videos and pictures from the wedding ceremony have caused a stir online with some netizens praising the gospel artiste and his wife for such a simple yet, elegant and adorable wedding ceremony.

Not long ago, the couple had their civil wedding for legal recognition.

The civil wedding meant their union had gone through all the legal processes and received official recognition.

After the civil wedding, Moses Bliss expressed his utmost appreciation to God for helping them through the process.

“Civil wedding done! It’s official. I’m legally married to my personal gift from God. Lord, we are grateful for helping us this far,” Moses Bliss wrote on his Instagram page and was sighted by GhanaWeb.

What you need to know about Marie Wiseborn

According to, Marie Wiseborn, whose real name is Marie Agyare, is a lawyer by profession and a member of the Church of Pentecost, London. She is 24 years old.

Also, reports indicate that Marie Wiseborn attended the University of Surrey in the UK and graduated from law school.

She is a dedicated Christian who does not downplay her religious activities and holds them in high esteem, reports say.

Where the proposal took place

In a video shared by Moses Bliss on his Instagram page, he was standing in an auditorium that looked like a church premises with other people playing the instruments.

With the specific name of the venue not indicated by Moses Bliss, it was a well-decorated auditorium that matched the occasion of a marriage proposal.

The lyrics of the song Moses Bliss sung when he proposed to his girlfriend

Moses Bliss expressed his affection for his girlfriend and thanked God for granting him such an amazing partner.

He also vowed to use their union to serve the lord diligently and make the kingdom of God proud through their service.

Finally, Moses Bliss stated that it is a dream come true for his proposal to be accepted by his girlfriend, Marie Wiseborn, whom he loves most.

Below is the lyric of the song:

“I love you for life. If challenges come, I’ll stay with you. It’s me and you till Jesus comes, There no going back, no backing down, we will serve the lord and make the kingdom proud. What more can I ask for? you are all I prayed for woman of the world, you are my dream come true. I love you Ayaya yayaaya . This love is for life, I am loving you for life.”

Watch the videos of the ceremony below



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