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VIDEO: ‘Your new body will soon deflate’ – Abeiku Santana boldly tells Kisa Gbekle

Kisa Gbekle is a popular Ghanaian sociallitte

Abeiku Santana advises Kisa Gbekle

Kisa Gbekle spends €8,000 on BBL Tummy tuck surgery

Moesha pops up in Abeiku Santana and Kisa Gbekle’s discussion

Popular Ghanaian media personality, Abeiku Santana, has blatantly told actress and socialite, Kisa Gbekle, that her new banging body which she spent over GH₵60,000 on will soon lose its value.

According to him, all the struggle to keep a firm and sexy body is vanity. He added that everything will soon go back to its natural state.

Using Moesha as an example, Abeiku said the popular socialite had an enviable body which turned heads especially when she splashed bikini pictures online.

He said Moesha at that time was the reigning queen of BBL liposuction but now, he has observed that her ‘expensive body’ is gradually shrinking.

Reiterating his remarks, the popular broadcaster mentioned Kisa’s, just like Moesha’s, won’t be as appealing forever.

“Have you seen Moesha lately? Three years ago, her shape was nothing like what it looks now. There’s a difference. Her banging body has reduced. The hips, butt and everything is gradually deflating and that’s how yours will be. Your GH₵60,000 worth body will soon deflate. Look at your stomach, it’s gradually getting big. Were all these even necessary? These things don’t last; it gradually deflates like a punctured football,” the popular broadcaster stated on the Atuu Show.

Abeiku added that it was somewhat unnecessary to go through the pain and spend that much on a body that will rot under six feet someday.

Buttressing his point, he quoted Proverbs 14:12 which reads; “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

“You spend that much on all these only for you to be buried with it one day? There’s a way that seems right unto man but the end of it all is destruction. The path you were on was the exact path Moesha towed and now look at her end? Now Moesha is using her body to preach God’s word,” Abeiku emphasized.

Kisa, however, rebutted Abeiku’s comment, stressing that the narrative will not be same for her.

Watch the videos below:

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