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VIDEO: Rashida Black Beauty’s latest public appearance after a long hibernation



After the news of Rashida’s pregnancy and successful delivery in 2019, nothing has since been heard of her until recently, when she and Kinaata were seen entertaining a packed crowd.

Kinaata treated the crowd to his hit single ‘Malafaka’ and Rashida stood beside him rigorously grooving to the tune.

At one point, Kofi Kinaata did a freestyle with her name in one of the lines as she played the role of a ‘backup dancer’.

Netizens, however, were stunned to see Rashida, looking much more refined with some considerable amount of weight.

Rashida Black Beauty became an internet sensation when she recorded a video of herself, narrating how her boyfriend ‘Kushman’ had jilted her for one Abigail.

That particular video was adjudged the ‘Viral Video of the Year’ at Viasat 1’s Jigwe Awards, a situation which many condemned.

In 2017, she went viral once again after her adult tape leaked online.

Watch the video below:





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