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Video of boy studying under Accra streetlights goes viral as tweeps pledge support



He confirms he is in class five and is there in the evening because he needs lights to copy his notes before school the following day.

When a Twitter user with the handle @teikoszn was driving by, his curiosity piqued and he decided to engage the boy.

Abraham lives with his parents nearby but because of the unavailability of electricity at home means he sits under the streetlights to study daily.

Since the video was posted on Twitter, a lot of tweeps have expressed solidarity with the boy and a number of them have pledged to support the family to ease the struggle Abraham goes through to study.

In follow-up tweets, Teiko wrote: “a lot of people reaching out to support already but i’m trying to get the right channel to get everything to them directly. i’m opened to advice and ideas on how to do that.

“for now any form of support can be sent to 0203773217 – Teiko Yartey

“hopefully by morning i’ll pay the parents of Abraham a visit to get the necessary details, needs and also inform them about the support from everyone. i didn’t expect this much support for the little boy but the good Lord had a bigger plan.”

Below is the exchange he had with @teikoszn

Teiko: Who do you live with, how are you?

Boy: Please I am fine.

Teiko: So, why do you study here?

Boy: Please, we don’t have light.

Teiko: Is it light off or you don’t have light at all?

Boy: (We don’t have light) At all.

Teiko: So, every night you learn like this, everyday?

Boy: Please yes.

Teiko: So, what are you doing now?

Boy: I am copying my notes

Teiko: Which class?

Boy: Class 5

Teiko: So, who do you live with here?

Boy: My mother and my father.

Teiko: So, they know you are learning here?

Boy: Yes please

Teiko: Learn hard, never give up in life.

Click to watch the video of Abraham’s interaction with @Teikoszn



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