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VIDEO: Lady who sued First Atlantic CFO begged him to come back



In August 2022, the young woman sent a message to make peace, saying that she was ready let things go and get back to him.

After going up against Nimako, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of First Atlantic Bank, Adablah caused a stir online.

The young national service personnel who worked at the bank’s head office under Nimako sued him and the bank over an alleged romantic relationship.

The young woman said that Nimako’s constant bothering was what finally made her start a relationship with him.

Adablah said in her lawsuit that her former boss didn’t keep some of the promises he made to her, like giving her a monthly allowance of GHC3,000, which he stopped doing in July 2022.

In the video that was seen on Instagram, she could be heard saying, “I’m still willing to forgive you. Make a decision, sit down, and give me a call. There is no shame in this. People do worse mistakes than you did. So don’t let your ego dictate to you.”

Watch the video below:



Source: Managing GH


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